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Deneb 1.1 Initial Beta & New Documentation Site

As recently announced, Deneb 1.0 has gone live in AppSource. We’re still waiting for that certified flag to be applied, and I’m following-up with the team on when this is likely to be.

As I still have a lot of things to continue with, I’ve been working on 1.1 in the meantime, and the beta release for this is now available. Because the AppSource submission process is lengthy, I’m keen to get any feedback from early adopters using a similar mechanism to the Alpha Channel/feedback loop, which has recently been made available - the Beta Channel Build is a separate version of Deneb that is de-coupled from the AppSource version.

What’s In 1.1?

Good question! At a high-level, you can expect the following changes at this time:

  • Vega-Lite updated to 5.2.0.
  • New schemes that bind to the report theme colours.
  • Functionality to re-map fields from the data model that are ‘in use’ in an encoding or expression.
  • Create New Specification dialog changes to make better use of space.
  • Word wrap and line gutter toggles for the editor.
  • Less intrusive visual scrollbars.

How Can I Learn About the Changes?

In order to support better discovery of these features for early adopters as we develop them, I’ve launched an updated version of the documentation website, available at deneb-viz.github.io.

This defaults to the current active version in AppSource, but you can view the documentation for the current version in-progress by selecting it from the top-right, e.g.:

The updated documentation website allows you to select the version in development to read about new functionality

The recommended place to start is the Change Log, which summarises all changes currently in the beta, as well as providing links to the relevant documentation (within this version’s workspace) where you can learn more about it.

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Like the Alpha Channel Build, the Beta is not supported for production use, and is a means for early adopters to test and feed back on intended changes. More about this, and the process (including how to get and install, and what to do if you have issues) can be read on the Early Access Builds page on the updated website.

How to Download?

The download details are on the Early Access Builds page on the updated website.

For anyone who is keen to try the changes, I hope that you find them useful, and I’m always keen on feedback. If you have feature requests or spot anything that doesn’t look right, please raise them in the GitHub repository so that we can review and prioritise them in accordance with the other work we have planned.

Thanks very much as always for reading, and your interest in using Deneb. I hope you’re making great things!

All the best,


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