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Deneb 1.6 Ready for Beta Testing

Deneb 1.6 alpha testing has finished and we're ready to move things forward.

Deneb 1.6 Ready for Alpha Testing

Deneb 1.6 has a lot of new features and improvements, and the alpha builds are available for testing.

HTML Content (lite) 1.4 - New Features

Certification has passed and this update is on its way to your reports shortly.

HTML Content 1.4 - New Features

We're not quite live yet, but 1.4 represents the biggest update in quite some time, and hopefully there's fun to be had.

HTML Content (lite) - now available in AppSource

Presenting: a less permissive version of HTML Content... but with certification privileges.

Happy 1st birthday, Deneb!

As Deneb has been GA in AppSource for a year, I thought it'd be a good time to catch-up!