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"Deneb" Prototype Dev Log:

Progress update for Jan 2021 on "Deneb", including some new changes that are moving towards improving integration with Power BI.

HTML Content Website Now Available

Improving the official HTML Content visual documentation, a little bit at a time.

"Deneb" Prototype Dev Log:

"Deneb" is a prototyping effort, that will ideally bring the Vega visualisation grammar system to Power BI as a custom visual.

State of (My) Visuals - Dec 2020

Farewell SMLC, hello HTML Content (and maybe something else...)

Small Multiple Line Chart 2.1.0 Now Available

The latest version of the Small Multiple Line Chart custom visual is now live in the marketplace and finally certified 😊

Creating Blank Table & Matrix Headings in Power BI

Options for hiding a column heading in Power BI tables and matrices in situations where it might be redundant.